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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, June 28, 2006 --/WORLD-WIRE/-- Prompted by the tremendous groundswell of public interest in green building, West Coast Green - the nation's premier residential tradeshow focused exclusively on green products, design and sustainability - will open its doors September 28-30 in San Francisco's Bill Graham Auditorium. This event will gather under one roof for the first time pioneering trade professionals from all over the nation, plus homeowners eager to educate themselves about the exciting developments in green and healthy building.

By opening the tradeshow to homeowners on the final day (June 30), West Coast Green strikes an unprecedented balance between maintaining the highest standards for a professional conference and expo while making an important nod to the driving force behind the upsurge in green building - the consumer. This innovative format promises to draw more than 6,000 professional attendees and, on the final day, more than 12,000 homeowners, making West Coast Green the largest green residential conference and expo ever to be held. The venue is at 99 Grove Street in San Francisco.

As an indication of the significance of this event and its mission, the Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, has declared the week of June 25, 2006 "Green Week."

Keynote speakers will include Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and trade innovators Ed Mazria and Sarah Susanka. Over 120 other speakers - all top leaders in the fields of green architecture, engineering, planning, design and building supply - will address attendees on diverse topics grouped around seven well-developed educational tracks, many of which can garner attendees industry-sanctioned credits. Sessions will include panels, discussion forums, case studies, networking, Q&A, and provide unparalleled insights into the latest and most revolutionary developments in the green building industry.

Over 250 exhibitors will showcase the latest innovations in resource-efficient materials along with green and healthy building products. Executive Producer Christi Graham remarks about the exhibits, "I think attendees will be delightfully surprised at the wide array of products at the show. The products range from the ingeniously simple to the incredibly sophisticated. People can explore products they've never seen before, and in some cases materials that offer benefits never imagined possible!"

Commenting on West Coast Green, Mark Palmer, Green Building Coordinator for the Department of the Environment, City and County of San Francisco, said: "The City of San Francisco is honored to host the first major residential green building event on the West Coast. Green building is increasingly recognized as essential to the health of your citizens, businesses and communities. We look forward to this key event!"

Professional attendees of West Coast Green will include: Architects/Designers, Builders and Contractors, Business Owners, Green Financing Institutions, Developers, Real Estate Professionals, Interior Designers, Green Building Programs, Facility Managers, Engineers, Trade Associations, Public Agencies, Green Business Programs, Government Agencies, Building Inspectors, Educational Institutions, Environmental Non-Profits and, on Homeowner Day, Educated Homeowners.

West Coast Green's founder and executive producer, Christi Graham, brings years of experience and commitment to producing exceptional green building events of the highest caliber, and an impressive wealth of experience in the green building industry. She is the Founder and President of Healthy Home Plans, a source for healthy and sustainable home plans designed by award-winning architects.

Healthy Home Plans represents noted architects such as Sarah Susanka, cultural visionary and celebrated author of The Not So Big House, Darrel DeBoer, named one of the 100 most influential designers by Metropolitan Home, and David Arkin, architect for the Real Goods Solar Living Center. One of the architectural plans in Healthy Home Plans' collection was featured in an eight-part television series on the PBS program Hometime, as well as in national magazines such as Fine HomeBuilding, Sunset and Better Homes and Gardens.

She co-founded and directed the Green Resource Center in Berkeley, CA, one of the first resource centers of its kind, providing tools for sustainable building and business. Ms. Graham also founded and serves as the Executive Producer of the Green Materials Showcase, an annual tradeshow held in San Francisco for building and design professionals, featuring resource-efficient and non-toxic building products and technologies. The Green Materials Showcase has become the largest annual green materials industry tradeshow on the West Coast. Ms. Graham holds an Environmental Home Inspector Certificate from the German-based International Institute of Bau-Biologie and Ecology.

Of her vision for West Coast Green, Ms. Graham remarks, "We've gone out of our way to find the best of the best-the most revered pioneers and the most advanced innovations in the field of residential green building to create an event that is truly exceptional."

A partial list of sponsors includes: Pacific Gas and Electric Company, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the City and County of San Francisco, Build it Green, the American Institute of Architects, Louisiana-Pacific, and other organizations and companies.

Individuals seeking to attend West Coast Green may register by calling (800) 724-4880 or visiting

To exhibit or become a sponsor, call (800) 419-1282 or e-mail:

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Why You Should Attend The West Coast Green Conference & Expo:

The City of San Francisco Is Hosting the Largest Residentially Focused Green Building Conference and Expo in the United States. As far as we know, this is the largest residentially focused green building conference and Expo on the Built Environment in the United States.

But I think the best reason to go is not because of how uber-perfect it will be, but because these people are incredibly inspiring and have put real purpose behind this.

To quote the executive producer's personal vision:

"I offer West Coast Green as a way of igniting our vision, bolstering our will, and increasing our capacity to become an irrepressible force toward creating a healthy world. By extending the definition of green building beyond the walls of the house and revealing the vital links between the built environment, our total well-being physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and the realization of our true nature as humans, I hope to cast our home and lifestyle choices in an evolutionary light, stirring our deepest appetite for positive change. I want us to see ourselves as powerful change agents each time we make a healthy, green choice, and walk away from the conference excited to be alive, filled with a sense of possibility, and completely equipped to take action on Monday. As a result, the changes on which the future of life depends are enacted swiftly and joyfully.

In this way, I see West Coast Green catalyzing a full-scale market conversion, infusing all commerce with green values and generating public policy that makes enlivening living spaces a basic birthright available to everyone. I imagine the ripples reaching into areas we could never imagine or trace. This is not grandiosity, but a simple recognition of the interdependence of existence, and the power of striking a clear and direct chord that resonates with all of life.

I am humbled, honored, and thrilled to be able to play a part in this effort by showcasing the work of such exemplary individuals and organizations. It is a privilege to bring their expertise, products, inspiration, and vision to those most eager and able to use them. I offer all of my efforts and the fruits of this tradeshow to the fulfillment of our human potential, for the sake of all life. May we flourish.”

Get the details here:

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ashoka boss named one of America's top 25 leaders!

Mr. Rogers speaks on support for public television. This is an inspiring and priceless video clip.


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From Ava:

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Monday, May 22, 2006

From Stanford Social Innovation Review:

Do you find it astounding that charities remained silent when Congress added $70 billion to the deficit last week by extending tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans, further starving government programs? Even if that doesn't get to you, you've still got to wonder why all but a few nonprofit organizations and foundations (in spite of the activism of groups such as OMB Watch and United for a Fair Economy) say nothing as the Senate approaches a vote that will decrease charitable donations by up to $25 billion a year. That’s equivalent to stopping all annual grantmaking by the 110 largest US foundations... (read the entire post and its comments).

Friday, May 12, 2006

It's out. Watch the trailer at:

Thursday, May 11, 2006

College Summit Receives 1.5M grant from Skoll Foundation

While applying to Yale, J.B. Schramm noticed that many of his friends from less-advantaged backgrounds were not going on to college. He knew that students who are the first to attend college in their families are twice as likely to have children who also attend college, so he founded College Summit in 1993 to help students from low-income communities navigate the college application process. College Summit has achieved a college enrollment rate of 70 percent and a college retention rate of 80 percent. The cost per student has dropped, while the number of students served annually has risen from 925 in 2002 to 3,600 in 2004. The organization plans to serve 28,000 students over the next three years.


Monday, May 08, 2006

Principal Sandra Farmer of Williford Elementary
(6 MB video of Williford successes)

State Superintendent Dr. June Atkinson

Pictures are posted for the NC Education Awards Dinner & Black Star Kickoff at:

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Black Star Project North Carolina Kick-off Ceremony & Awards Dinner

Invitation to all North and South Carolina Legislators, Superintendents, Principals, Teachers, Educators, Parents and Business Leaders who wish to be part of the growing movement to eliminate achievement gaps and uplift their communities.

Promethean Technologies and Computer Software Innovations are calling on the brightest stars in our business and education community to join us as we recognize North Carolina's most outstanding educators and kick off Black Star Programs in our state.

At this event, you will learn about schools and programs in North Carolina that have made the critical leaps necessary to transform student culture, breathe life into their surrounding communities and assure that every child has an equal chance at succeeding in life. You will also learn about programs that have narrowed and in some cases, eliminated achievement gaps in schools. These programs are now coming to North Carolina, thanks to a unified effort from our communities, schools, districts, businesses and elected officials.

This event includes dinner, an awards ceremony, a silent auction to benefit the "
Million Father March," a presentation by Phillip Jackson, Executive Director of the Black Star Project and guest speakers from schools and districts that have significantly narrowed the gap in their communities.
Over $10,000 in classroom technology donations will be presented to several North Carolina Schools and one principal will be given the prestigious Promethean Award for Outstanding Contribution in Education to honor his or her school’s dramatic improvement in raising achievement and inspiring higher standards for its students.

Tuesday, April 4 th:
6:00 – 6:45 reception
6:45 – 8:15 pm - dinner & presentations

Sheraton Raleigh Hotel, 421 S. Salisbury Street in downtown Raleigh

($89 reduced hotel room rate available)

Cost: $50 per person / $500 per table

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Monday, January 16, 2006

Gore's Speech

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Saturday, January 14, 2006 at 2:00 pm
Starting from 55th and Kenwood in Hyde Park

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s non-violent philosophy and to demand an exit strategy from Iraq, join us and run for change.

We will meet in front of Hyde Park Neighborhood Club (5480 S Kenwood Ave). From there we will run to 53rd Street, then east to Lake Park, then south to 57th, then west to Woodlawn.

Contact: Marques Williams / 312-842-3527

“Educate or Die” Unites The Black Star Project and Malik Yusef
Tour Stresses Importance of Education to Children Before It’s Too Late

WHO: Malik Yusef , a popular Chicago-based spoken word artist featured on Kanye West’s latest album, Late Registration, and Phillip Jackson, Executive Director of The Black Star Project.

WHAT: Malik Yusef will perform and speak to the students about the harsh realities they face and what they can do to prepare themselves. Phillip Jackson will speak about the historical and international context of what he has labeled the era of “Educate or Die”.

WHEN: Friday, January 13, 2006
11:00 am to 12:30 pm (Photo opportunities)

WHERE: Charles Houston Alternative High School
9035 South Langley Avenue, Chicago, IL

WHY: Black students are dropping out of school at alarming rates. There are currently more Black men in prison than in college. At the same time, the new global economy requires students to compete on par with global standards. Students of color are not being properly prepared. The Black Star Project is taking the lead on the effort to formulate a systematic response to this problem, including rallying parental and community support. “Educate or Die” identifies the problem and the solution.


About “Educate or Die”: “Educate or Die” is a motivational tour bringing positive role models into schools to emphasize how necessary education is, not just to “succeed” or survive, but to thrive in the new world social and economic order.

About Black Star: For the past 9 years, The Black Star Project has provided some of the most effective educational programs for students, parents and schools in Chicago and throughout Illinois with a special focus on eliminating the racial academic achievement gap. For more information, visit

Monday, November 28, 2005

Rep. Rush to face rival in ’06
Black Star Project head throws hat in the ring

By ERIN MEYER, Hyde Park Herald

Political hopeful Phillip Jackson of Bronzeville recently announced his bid to run for the 1st District U.S. Congressional seat currently held by veteran legislator Rep. Bobby Rush. Jackson will be jogging through the district in the coming weeks. He will also collect signatures from registered voters to get on the March 2006 primary ballot. “Running is my way to find out about the different people and communities in the districts, even just knowing where the potholes are,” he said. “There is so much disparity in the district. Some people are doing very well, but a lot of the African American communities in the district, it's like Hurricane Katrina hit." (click here for full story)

Sunday, November 27, 2005

“I will be literally running through the whole district over the course of the campaign. If you support the ideas that I'm fighting for, please get involved and run with me.”

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Harvard and U.S. News & World Report Name Ashoka's Bill Drayton One of America's Best Leaders

America's Best Leaders were chosen by the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. The committee used a four-point selection criteria -- accomplishments within the past five years, values, durability, and commitment to developing other leaders. All twenty-five leaders share a clearly articulated vision, measurable results, and, in the words of one management guru, Big Hairy Audacious Goals. In Bill Drayton's case, that means nothing less than transforming the citizen sector as a whole through his work at Ashoka, the global organization he founded twenty-five years ago.

Monday, November 14, 2005

For Immediate Release

Contact: Ian Bryan, Citizens to Elect Phillip Jackson, (773) 344-2110


Chicago - Phillip Jackson, Executive Director of The Black Star Project, formally announced today his bid for the 1st Congressional District. In a campaign unlike any other Congressional race, Jackson promises to "literally run" for Congress by lacing up his running shoes and "hitting the streets". Rather than focus most of its time and energy in formal, fundraising events, Jackson’s campaign promises to be grassroots and service-oriented. Campaign programs will include rallying supporters to volunteer their time and money to improve their communities in the 1st Congressional District. Additionally, Jackson will ask residents to run with him to improve the district and their own physical health.

"I'm going to run through the whole district," said Jackson when asked about his campaign strategy. "I love being connected to the community in this way. The best way for a person to know what a community needs is to be out in that community listening to the residents. By running with me, people can demonstrate their support and desire for progress."

Phillip Jackson's priorities for the 1st Congressional District are:

A better education system that is competitive in the world economy and resources to support parental and community involvement in the education of children.

Economic development that provides career skills, career opportunities, entrepreneurship and connections to corporate America that will help create and maintain viable communities and quality housing.

Services that support and improve the physical and emotional health and wellness of its residents.

Jackson has a long history of community involvement and leadership from teaching children martial arts for 25 years in the district to serving as the Chief of Staff for the Chicago Public Schools. His diverse career around Chicago and Cook County also includes serving as Senior Vice President of Kroch's & Brentano's bookstores; Assistant Budget Director for the City of Chicago; Deputy Chief of Staff and Director of Intergovernmental Affairs for the Chicago Public Schools; Chief Executive Officer for the Chicago Housing Authority; and Chief for Education for the City of Chicago.

Best known for his role as Founder and Executive Director of The Black Star Project, Jackson is a national leader advocating for parent and community involvement in education. He created numerous programs that help parents become the first, best and most important teachers for their children. Jackson and The Black Star Project led 82 cities around the country back to school with the globally celebrated Million Father March 2005, which called upon men to take children to school on the first day and to make a commitment to a year of positive male involvement in education.

"The clear message from the latest round of academic test scores in Illinois is that, over a five-year period, student achievement has not improved," said Jackson. "The failing students of schools today are the future unemployed, incarcerated and government dependents of tomorrow. The world is changing and our children are not being adequately prepared to compete in it. Schools cannot fix this problem alone. Parents, communities and strong government leadership are keys to solving this problem. The war in Iraq is distracting Washington from the issues Americans are facing at home; these are issues that I will address."

The campaign headquarters is located at 1525 East 53rd Street, Suite 819. For more information, please call 773/344-2110 or email us at


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RHS Telecom got a nice little writeup in E-Prairie yesterday:

Our favorite excerpt:

Supporting something more benign and universal as breast cancer or the Special Olympics would seem to be a safer bet than supporting something as specific and potentially controversial as gay and lesbian youth. Conventional wisdom would say that while making a broader charitable appeal, a company can market and sell to a wider swath of its base.

Harney disagrees. It turns out that his specificity evokes a more passionate response from prospects that he is targeting. He added: "There has been no negative reaction. I have had very positive feedback and it has generated many referrals (especially within the charities I support)."

Hat tip to Paul Trout for getting the big picture.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Asheville voters: Brian Freeborn needs one more flex of your democratic muscle. Precedent says that he is on City Council, but the decision is up to the powers that be.

Please contact all of the incumbent and incoming council members and let them know that you support appointing Bryan Freeborn to the open council seat.

Incoming Mayor Terry Bellamy:

Councilwoman-Elect Robin Cape :

Councilman Jan Davis:

Councilwoman Holly Jones:

Councilman Carl Mumpower:

Councilman Brownie Newman:

Mailing Address for Asheville City Council P.O. Box 7148 Asheville , NC 28802-7148

You can also write letters to the editors of our local newspapers.
Asheville Citizen-Times:
mailto:DRussell@CITIZEN-TIMES.comor word maximum)

Mountain Xpress:

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hang in there. Sensible City is working on a few big things. Lots to report in mid November.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Ian Bryan will be participating in a lecture panel at Northwestern University's Kellogg School Of Management INNOVATING SOCIAL CHANGE CONFERENCE. For more information, click here:

Friday, September 30, 2005


Contact: Gary Hirsch, 360-701-0678

Enlightened Business Institute to Host Chicago Workshop
Tools for Enlightened Business: How to Prosper In Any Economy

There is a belief prevalent in the west that success—making money is somehow at odds with leading a spiritual life. The money itself is not the problem; a person with money can help more people than one without. The point is realizing how we make the money—understanding where it really comes from and how to keep it coming. In fact the goal of business, of ancient Tibetan wisdom, and of all human endeavor is to enrich ourselves—to achieve outer and inner prosperity while maintaining our physical and emotional well being.

The Enlightened Business Institute teaches its client to do precisely that. EBI provides traditional business services—training, coaching, consulting and mediation based on a unique view of the world with roots in Tibetan Buddhism. EBI’s services are based on the wisdom of The Diamond Cutter, an oral teaching spoken by Buddha Shakyamuni 2,500 years ago and recently popularized for the west by Geshe Michael Roach in his successful book The Diamond Cutter: Strategies from the Buddha on Managing Your Business and Your Life.

Today EBI is helping clients on 5 continents be more successful and lead more meaningful lives.

On November 7, 2005 EBI brings these ideas to Chicago businessmen in a one-day workshop titled: Applying the Diamond Cutter in Your Work and Life: Tools for Enlightened Business. Participants will learn Enlightened Principles for increasing wealth, understanding and solving recurring problems, boosting creativity and creating a harmonious work environment that cuts costs and boosts effectiveness. Along the way they can expect to find answers to some of their deepest questions.

The workshop is idea for business leaders who are tired of inconsistent results and looking for real solutions; entrepreneurs looking to improve their ability to create and innovate; individuals wanting to lead lives with greater prosperity and meaning or anyone wanting to learn how to create a deliberate life and career. The workshop fee is $300. To register visit

The workshop is presented by Gary Hirsch and Elizabeth Prather. Gary Hirsch is President of the Enlightened Business Institute and has held varied senior positions in construction, government and consulting. Elizabeth Prather is a consultant and senior instructor for the Enlightened Business Institute. She has worked in healthcare management and has provided strategic and operations consulting to healthcare and other organizations.

For more information about the Enlightened Business Institute or The Diamond Cutter, visit

Friday, September 02, 2005

September 2, 2005
For Immediate Release

IL Governor Rod Blagojevich, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and Other Elected Officials Lead One Million Fathers Back to School

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, Illinois Senate President Emil Jones, Jr. and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley are serving as honorary chairmen of the Million Father March 2005. Other elected officials showing their support for fathers and men being actively involved in the education of children who will participate in the Million Father March 2005 include: Carrie Austin, Alderman, Chicago, 34th Ward; Shirley Coleman, Alderman, Chicago, 16th Ward; Jacqueline Y. Collins, State Senator, Illinois, 16th District; Rey Colón, Alderman, Chicago, 35th Ward; Barbara Curry, State Representative, Illinois, 25th District; Monique Davis, State Representative, Illinois, 27 District; Will Davis, State Representative, Illinois, 30th District; Brian Doherty, Alderman, Chicago, 41st Ward; Constance Howard, State Representative, Illinois, 34th District; Chuck Jefferson, State Representative, Illinois, 67th District; Kevin D. Leavy, City Councilor, Beloit, Wisconsin; Kimberly A. Lightford, State Senator, Illinois, 4th District; Fredrenna Lyle, Alderman, Chicago, 6th Ward; Larry Morrison, Mayor, Rockford, Illinois; Toni Preckwinkle, Alderman, Chicago, 4th Ward; Kwame Raoul, State Senator, Illinois, 13th District; Larry B. Seabrook, Council Member, New York City; Helen Schiller, Alderman, Chicago, 46th Ward; Aaron Schock, State Representative, Illinois, 92nd District; Bobbie Steele, County Commissioner, Cook County, Illinois, 2nd District; Todd Stroger, Alderman, Chicago, 8th Ward, Larry Suffredin, County Commissioner, Cook County, Illinois, 13th District; Eddie Washington, State Representative, Illinois, 60th District; and Henderson Yarbrough, Mayor, Maywood, Illinois.


The National Demonstration School for the Million Father March will be Pershing Magnet School with four hundred fathers and men taking children to school on the first day. The Million Father March is an initiative launched by Chicago non-profit, The Black Star Project. It consists of fathers, uncles, grandfathers, brothers, cousins, step fathers, foster fathers, and other significant male caregivers taking students to school on the first day as the beginning of a yearlong commitment to their involvement in the education of children. Elected officials will participate at various schools (call The Black Star Project for specific locations).

Tuesday September 6, 2005 at 8:15 am.

Pershing School at 3113 South Rhodes Avenue


A father who actively participates in the educational and social development life of a child is invaluable and irreplaceable! Research shows that children whose fathers take active roles in their educational lives earn better grades, get better test scores, enjoy school more and are more likely to graduate from high school and attend college. Additionally, children have fewer behavior problems when fathers speak and listen to their children regularly and are active in their lives. Good fathers are part of effective parent teams and are critical to strong family structures. Strong family structures produce children who are more centered, academically proficient and socially developed and are a valuable asset to their communities. Better parents produce better communities, better schools and better students!

A list of cities registered to participate with more cities to follow:

· Albany, New York - Herbert McLaughin at
· Ansonia, Connecticut – Rory Edwards at
· Atlanta, Georgia – Lorrie Green at
· Auckland, New Zealand – Jim Bailey at
· Baltimore, Maryland – NAACP Baltimore City Branch/Marvin ‘Doc’ Cheatham at
· Bellwood, Illinois – Illinois State Senator Kimberly A. Lightford at
· Berkeley, Illinois - – Illinois State Senator Kimberly A. Lightford at
· Berwyn, Illinois – Illinois State Senator Kimberly A. Lightford at
· Bridgeport, Connecticut – Rory Edwards at
· Bristol, Connecticut – Rory Edwards at
· Broadview, Illinois – Illinois State Senator Kimberly A. Lightford at
· Calumet Park, Illinois – Rep. Will Davis at
· Cambridge, Massachusetts – Kathy Reddick at
· Champaign, Illinois – Pastor Vincent Elam at
· Chattanooga, Tennessee – Sue Porter at
· Chicago, Illinois – Colin Harris at
· Chicago Heights, Illinois – Andrew Bufkin at
· Cleveland, Ohio – Bridge the Gap Network/Dr. Patricia Ackerman at
· Columbus, Ohio – Professor Leon Peacock at
· Danbury, Connecticut - Rory Edwards at
· Davenport, Iowa – Ida Johnson at
· Denver, Colorado – Gloriadine Smith at
· Detroit, Michigan – Chris Crabtree at; Deborah Henderson at
· Dixmoor, Illinois – State Representative Will Davis at
· Dolton, Illinois - State Representative Will Davis at
· Dothan, Alabama – Sharon Georges at
· East Cleveland, Ohio – Bridge the Gap Network/Dr. Patricia Ackerman at
· Eau Claire, Michigan – Mario Hillman at
· Evanston, Illinois – Lucia Norris at
· Forest Park – Illinois State Senator Kimberly A. Lightford at
· Goldsboro, North Carolina – Janice Fields at
· Greenwich, Connecticut -- Rory Edwards at
· Greater Hartford, Connecticut- Rory Edwards at
· Greater New Haven, Connecticut – Rory Edwards at
· Hamtramck, Michigan - Deborah Henderson at
· Harvey, Illinois - State Representative Will Davis at
· Highland Park, Michigan - Deborah Henderson at
· Hillside, Illinois – Illinois State Senator Kimberly A. Lightford at
· Hilo, Hawaii – Douglas Capogrossi, Ph.D. at
· Jersey City, New Jersey - Letitia Sweat at
· Las Vegas, Nevada – Jean Marie Freeney at
· Long Beach, California – Richard Love at
· Los Angeles, California – John P. Hamilton, Ed.D.; Brother Cliff Pruitt at; Sharmaine Parker at
· Macon, Georgia – Cleopatra Simpson at
· Markham, Illinois – Andrew Bufkin at
· Maywood, Illinois – Illinois State Senator Kimberly A. Lightford at
· Melrose Park, Illinois – R. Jerry Criss at; Illinois State Senator Kimberly A. Lightford at
· Meriden / Wallingford , Connecticut – Rory Edwards at
· Middlesex County, Connecticut – Rory Edwards at
· Minneapolis, Minnesota – William Moore at; Kenneth Foxworth
· Mobile, Alabama – Board President David Thomas at
· Moline, Illinois – Stuart Scott, Sr. at
· Nashville Tennesse – Sue Porter at
· New York City, New York – Council Member Larry B. Seabrook at; Henry Terry at; Derek Phillips at
· Newark, New Jersey – Ernie Simmons at; Letitia Sweat at
· New Britain, Connecticut – Rory Edwards at
· New Canaan, Connecticut – Rory Edwards at
· New London, Connecticut – Rory Edwards at
· North Riverside – Illinois State Senator Kimberly A. Lightford at
· Norwalk, Connecticut –Rory Edwards at
· Norwich, Connecticut – Rory Edwards at
· Oakland, California – Yetunde Reeves at
· Oak Park, Illinois – Lynn Allen at; Illinois State Senator Kimberly A. Lightford at
· Oberlin, Ohio - Laurence E. Nevels at
· Park Forest, Illinois – Wendell Mosby -
· Phoenix, Illinois - State Representative Will Davis at
· Prince George’s County, Maryland – Dr. Walter Dozier at
· Portland, Oregon – Charles McGee at
· Quincy, Illinois - Superintendent Thomas Leahy at; Michael K. Smith at
· Raleigh, North Carolina - Wandria Garris at
· Richmond, Virginia – Julia Terry at
· Riverdale, Illinois - State Representative Will Davis at
· River Forest – Illinois State Senator Kimberly A. Lightford at
· Riverside – Illinois State Senator Kimberly A. Lightford at
· Robbins, Illinois - State Representative Will Davis at
· Rockford, Illinois – Stuart “AJ” Scott at
· Roosevelt, New York – Clifton Edwards at
· San Diego, California – Rodney L. West at
· Schenectady, New York _ Ronald Wood at
· Stamford, Connecticut – Rory Edwards at
· Syracuse, New York – Ernest C. Wood at
· Washington, D.C. – Abeo F. Anderson at
· Waterbury, Connecticut – Rory Edwards at roryeast@aol.comWaukegan, Illinois – Rosalind Davis at

Thursday, September 01, 2005

From Ian Bryan:

Please consider offering shelter to hurricane evacuees.

I understand that it is a little scary – and the thought of waking up to a stranger in your kitchen IS uncomfortable. I know that there are questions of privacy and security – but you can post strict rules. Food and financial assistance will come from the Red Cross. Parents: there are thousands of small children sleeping on floors right now. As a parent, I can not imagine having to ration food to my hungry child in an auditorium somewhere and stand by helpless with no home or job to return to.

Please just consider it. It doesn’t matter where you live, the Red Cross will arrange for transportation. If you are willing, take your pick:

If you are not able to do this, please forward the links to your friends and family.

PS – if you don’t have room in your house, I am sure that a garage or even a tent in your back yard would be greatly appreciated by someone.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

World Of Hope Fundraising Event

Unite with fellow global citizens, civic leaders, dedicated educators and young professionals while becoming a part of the Cygnet Charter School for Global citizenship World of Hope.

Complimentary hors d'oeuvres, silent auction, valet parking available, business attire requested.

RSVP: by August 5th. Purchase tickets and RSVP online at

For more information, contact Brian Bell at 773-655-4445.

When: Wednesday, August 10, 2005, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Where: The University Club, 76 E. Monroe, Chicago

Tickets: $35

All proceeds to benefit the Cygnet Charter School For Global Citizenship.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Sensible City's Own Featured In American Fitness Magazine

Watch out for next month's American Fitness Magazine, which will feature an article written by Sensible City's Creative/Editorial Director, Sheila Cull, focusing on the rare but rapidly growing art of Russian Kettleball. Less than a decade old in the United States, the sport is catching celebrity attention and promises to maintain that growth, with national competitions now underway.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


21st Century Model Classroom Already Helping Philadelphia Students

Philadelphia, PA (June 21, 2005) --- In classrooms around the globe, students have been introduced to the future of learning and are succeeding beyond their teachers’ wildest dreams. Now the 21st Century Model Classroom is making its way into Pennsylvania schools. Promethean, Inc invites you to a private media session during the National Education Computing Conference (June 28-30th) to experience the future of education with your own eyes.

This European-born, curriculum-centered education technology suite will be unveiled for the press on Wednesday, June 29, 2005 at 2 p.m. EST at Loews Hotel (across from NECC), 1200 Market Street, Suite 412. Educators, technicians and school officials will be available to explain the capabilities of the system and answer questions.

The 21st Century Model Classroom begins with the Promethean “ACTIVboard,” a nearly indestructible teaching aide that is already making chalk and dry erase boards obsolete. By allowing dynamic interaction through the use of a battery free stylus with left and right-click capability, teachers use lesson development software to instruct their classrooms with true technology: point and click, multimedia, internet, millions of researchable resources and highly integrated hardware and accessories. Student feedback devices called “ACTIVotes” help to nurture a collaborative learning environment, while complying with the No Child Left Behind Act’s mandate that students must be subjected to frequent, consistent assessments.

Recent district-level Promethean purchases in other states have invigorated the national debate on the use of technology in K-12 education. Should children be learning with chalk, erasers and TV-carts? Do computers in the classroom do enough to prepare young minds for the “real world” of technology? Can this technology narrow the Racial Academic Achievement Gap?

“It has transformed the very culture of our school and I can’t believe we ever taught without it,” said Mama Roberta, a 4th grade teacher at the Betty Shabazz International Charter School in Chicago. Phillip Jackson, former Chief of Staff (CPS) to Philadelphia Superintendent Paul Vallis, takes Promethean’s technology a step further. “This approach to teaching can actually narrow the racial academic achievement gap. And that’s my cause. I am going to go on the road to tell everyone: you need to get behind this [technology].” Jackson retired from Chicago Public Schools to head up The Black Star Project, a nonprofit organization committed to eliminating the racial academic achievement gap in schools throughout the United States.

Philadelphia schools that have adopted the technology include Chestnut Hill Academy, Christopher Columbus Charter School, New Foundation Charter School, William Dick School and others.

What: 21st Century Model Classroom Private Media Session
Where: Loews Hotel (across from NECC), 1200 Market Street, Suite 412
When: June 29th, 2005 @ 2:00 PM
Details: Food and beverages will be provided.
Contact: Ian Bryan, 773-344-2110

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A kind story placed in the U of C Graduate School of Business news section:

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Can Technology Narrow The Racial Academic Achievement Gap?
Black Star Honors Marquette Elementary With Technology Award

On May 24, Promethean, Inc., and the Black Star project announced a partnership designed to bring interactive curriculum delivery technology, known as ACTIVboards into schools struggling with their racial academic achievement gap.

An interactive whiteboard that has already found its way into the majority of all schools in the United Kingdom, the ACTIVboard allows teachers to immediately access multimedia curriculum and incorporate hundreds of thousands of visual learning aids into their lesson plans. In addition, individual student response devices allow teachers immediate feedback and daily digital assessments that are fun for students and useful for administrators grappling with the tough assessment demands of the No Child Left Behind Act.

“Technology is the great equalizer in education,” Jackson said. “There is nothing more democratic than that. Because of the digital divide, many black and Latino children are at a severe disadvantage in terms of 21st century learning.”

But for Jackson, the motivation for placing ACTIVboards in schools is a simple combination of common sense and concern for minority students that are falling behind. “Children take to technology like fish to water,” Jackson said. “Technology is a tool, like a screwdriver, like a wrench. You use it when you need to get a job done. Now, technology is the tool we need to educate all of our children.”

Unlike most business-intended technology being used in schools, the ACTIVboard was developed by educators for educators. Distributed by Promethean, Inc., the ACTIVboard is currently being used throughout Europe and Japan with tremendous success. The United States has been slower to adopt the technology, though the ACTIVboard is currently used in several thousand classrooms in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

Thanks to The Black Star's Award For Urban Excellence In Education, Marquette Elementary School was awarded an ACTIVboard, and will join Betty Shabazz International Charter School and Gallistel Elementary Language Academy as the latest Chicago school incorporating the ACTIVboard into its curriculum.

Incorporating technology into the classroom levels the playing field by addressing all learning styles. American society has shortened its attention span, and children are no different. But while technology is a component, according to Jackson, it is only part of the solution.

“The racial academic achievement gap is not about race and not about achievement,” Jackson said. “It’s about culture, values, poor decisions and bad habits. If we’re going to fix it, those are the things we are going to have to focus on. The issue is not race. We’re not going to fix it by focusing on race.”

Jackson believes there must be a marriage between parents, schools and communities. Founded in 1996, Jackson’s Black Star project focuses on these components and currently provides mentoring, inspiration, encouragement and motivation to over 14,000 Chicago students in over 100 Chicago area schools.

“Kids, especially black kids in America do not understand the connection between doing well in school and doing well in life,” Jackson said. “If you do not understand the value of school it doesn’t matter if you’re going to Harvard, Stanford or Yale.”

“We connect kids to a vision of their future,” Jackson said. “Unless students want to do well in school simply sending them to school is not enough.”

Jackson calls on business professionals to help support his vision by mentoring and motivating students, sharing with them the vision, culture, values and work ethic necessary to prepare for their future.”

“The problem is kids don’t have a path,” Jackson said. “Take for instance a kid who didn’t know his father, his mother never worked and he has never known anyone to work except the guys on the corner. There’s no path for these kids. We lay the path for these kids.”

Awarded the Promethean Award for Outstanding Contribution to Education, Jackson was honored by Mark Elliott, President of Promethean USA.

“Our job is to entertain and engage children at the schools,” Elliott said. “But the biggest job is what Philip is doing—getting the students to the schools.”

While Jackson is hopeful that the integration of technology coupled with community and parental support will begin to lessen the racial academic achievement gap, he is also realistic.

“This is a long battle,” Jackson said. “I am absolutely certain I’m not going to see the end game. But your children and grand-children will live in a better place because of it.”